Research Proposals

The following graduate research is underway at Monarch.

Research Proposals


JONKER, D. “Teentrepreneurship: A New Entrepreneurship Framework For At-Risk Teenagers In South Africa

OKOROAFOR, S. “The Challenge Of Accessing Financing For SMEs In Nigeria”


OCHIS, K.A. “Workforce Engagement of Generation Z: Multi-generational Management Within Romanian Enterprises

FORMENTI, V. “Programme Management Strategies For Improved Delivery Of Major Construction Activities: An Investigation In The Middle East And Europe

POWRIE, L. “Equipping Conservation Managers For An Industry In Crisis

DARMA, M. “Sustainable Anti-Poverty Strategies In The Context of Family Complexity: An Investigation of Northern Nigeria

NTARA, C. “International Business in the East African Community: An Examination of the Implementation of the Common Market Protocol


MAHNIC, R “Managing Stakeholder And Indigenous Interest In Regulatory Reviews And Decision Making: A Case Study Of Canadian Energy Pipeline Megaprojects

STROUD, L “Intelligence Collection and Ethical Behavior in the Post 9/11 Era

VAN OSTENDE, R. “Foreign Direct Investment Into China: Determinants Of The Strategic Decision-Making Process On Market Entry By Dutch Companies

AZIHS, A. “Entrepreneurship Development Centres In Nigerian Polytechnics: A Case Study Of Youth Development

KYEI, P. “The Delivery of Public-Private Partnership Projects: A Study of the Ghanaian Construction Industry


ABDI, O. “SME Business Growth Strategies and Development Initiatives: An Investigation Of The Impact Of Economic And Institutional Dynamics In Somalia

AKOLGO, B. “Socially Just Development Growth Models: A Case Study Of Ghana

FAGBEMI, A “Privatization Of The Energy Industry: An Examination Of The Nigerian Power Sector For The Period of 2003 Through 2016

FARROW, A “Drinking Water-Private Or Public: A Case Study Of The Canadian Industry

HUBAIL, S “The Role of Mediation In Promoting International Trade And Investment

KEITA, B “Impact Evaluation Of Economic Aid in Developing Countries: A Case Study Of The Sahel Region Of Africa

MOUDRAA, R. “The Effect Of Exchange Rate Policy, Oil Shocks And Income Tax On GCC Economies Using the CGE Model: The Case of Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia”

MWAURA-S. “Institutional Policy Assessment In Post-independence Countries: A Case Study Of Kenya 1963 Through 2015

RESULI, V. “The Role Of International Standards On Higher Education: A Case Study Of Albania